Peer Bitter Lemon Tonic Water

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Product description
PEER’s Bitter Lemon Tonic Water is an exotic bitter lemon flavoured mixer, available in a pack of 6, 200ml glass bottles. The beverage mixer contains crisp carbonation for the right fizz and effervescence. On palate it is decidedly but measured in citrus with crisp champagne carbonation. While on the finish it is harmonious in bitterness of quinine and moderate sourness of exotic lemon. This premium tonic water will enhance any fine spirit of your choice, and tastes wonderful if had by itself too. Crafted by international taste experts, this mixer is a peer for all your drinks, parties, and conversations. It has low calorie and is a superb mixer. This Premium Tonic water pairs with a variety of white spirits as cocktail mixers. Tonic water pack is assorted with 6 bottles of tonic water crate, and contains natural quinine. Bitter Lemon Tonic water is the perfect low calorie drink mixer.
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